William Michael Rossetti and The Burlington Magazine

William Michael Rossetti by Julia Margaret Cameron

‘That old affair of an article which I wrote for the Burlington Magazine in 1903 remains unsettled’ – William Michael Rossetti, March 19 1905 Earlier this year I did a bit of archive research and wrote an article about W.M. Rossetti’s relationship with the Burlington Magazine. I worked with them and they put a short, […]

New year, new blog

Hi, I’m Madeleine. You may remember me from Twitter (@nouveaudigital), where I tweet about art and digital news, and the Pre-Raphaelites. Maybe you ran into me when I gave the paper, ‘Fair was the web and nobly wrought: Digital Curation and the Pre-Raphaelites’, at the recent Pre-Raphaelitism conference at Oxford Brookes or the 2012 CHArt […]