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Did you see “by LOCALiQ” and wonder who LOCALiQ is? Allow us to introduce ourselves.

LOCALiQ brings you more than award-winning thought leadership from WordStream. We also bring (awesome) technology-powered marketing solutions that help businesses grow.

We believe that marketing doesn’t have to be complex and that big goals aren’t just for big businesses. Which is why we simplify marketing for you and provide the data, technology, and expertise you need to succeed.

How, might you ask? In a few different ways.

One, we get to know your business, your goals, and your customers and then develop a marketing strategy built just for you. We execute that strategy across channels and platforms using our proprietary technology to optimize campaigns around your specific goals—no matter how big.

Two, as part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, we have access to an engaged audience, decades of data, and seasoned experts who connect you to the people looking for your business. Plus, our customer data platform gives you access to cutting-edge reporting that helps you make informed decisions with confidence, manage your leads, and convert on a whole new level.

And three, we provide free learning resources, (super) helpful tools, and thought leadership so you can stay on top of the latest marketing news.

Like we said, we’re here to help you reach your goals. So, sit back, relax, and watch your business grow with ease with LOCALiQ.

Meet the Team

Core Values

Obsess over customers

Be devoted to customers and commit to building relationships and experiences that deliver value. Earn the honor of being their preferred choice.

Progress with curiosity & purpose

Challenge things that don’t align and 
seek out solutions with insatiable 
curiosity. Inquisitive learning and agility advance our growth.

Make an impact

Produce impactful work that is personal, intentional, essential and drives real change in the organization, industry, for people we serve and the world. Meaningful work inspires action.

Embrace diversity

All voices were meant to be heard. Seek opportunities for mutual learning and understanding. Embracing diverse opinions, backgrounds and perspectives enables us to meet our fullest potential.

Cultivate community

Create places people belong by facilitating vital connections that engage people in the places we live, work and play. When we support each other we all thrive. Expand Your Circle Challenge.

Act with integrity

No matter who is watching, act with integrity, honesty and the highest moral standards. Communicate and set expectations with candor and transparency. Doing so builds trusting relationships.

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A national network, locally trusted brands, and the iQ to put it to work for you.

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Tap into industry-leading expertise.

Whatever your business goals, LOCALiQ Marketing Services, presented by WordStream, has the expertise and cutting-edge technology you need to achieve them.

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